Top 7 Best Home Theater Under 5000 in India (2022)

Looking for a Best Home Theater Under 5000? A good home theater gives much better sound than the built-in speakers of the TV.

If you are a movie freak, enjoy watching movies and series. But you miss the ultimate cinema experience. For that, you have only one thing to do buy a nice sound system. Because good sound often adds more than you think.

Space and your budget determine which home theater system is most suitable for you.

Here we have listed the best home theater under 5000 that available in India. Also, don’t forget to read our buying guide below before making a decision.

Here are the Top 7 Best Home Theater Under 5000 in India 2022

Home TheaterConnector TypeChannel Configuration
1. Philips SPA4040B/94Wired5.1
2. F&D A521XUSB, Bluetooth2.1
3. Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCFUSB5.1
4. Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210USB, AUX, Bluetooth2.1
5. Zebronics BT4440RUCFUSB4.1
6. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94USB2.1
7. Zebronics BT6860RUCFWired5.1

1. Philips SPA4040B/94

Philips SPA4040B/94

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Philips
  • Model – SPA4040B/94
  • Output Power – 120 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 5.1
  • Connector Type – Wired

The Philips SPA4040B/94 is the ultimate 5.1 Home theater system from Philips. The system consists of a subwoofer and 5 speakers.

This complete 5.1 surround home theater system takes cinema experience to the next level. Also, there is an on/off button on the subwoofer so that you can turn it off easily when not in use.

The speakers offer a frequency of a minimum of 20 Hz to a maximum of 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 85 dB. Also, there is an SD card slot so that you can insert your card and enjoy music without any external device.

If you are looking for a best music system for home in india then this product is for you.

2. F&D A521X

F&D A521X

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – F&D
  • Model – A521X
  • Output Power – 50 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 2.1
  • Connector Type – USB, Bluetooth

The F&D A521X features a full-fledged 2.1 speaker system that fills even large rooms with a powerful, balanced sound.

This system can stream music via Bluetooth from your mobile device or computer. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which is a great thing to consider. It supports multi optional input sources.

Also, you can tune into your favourite FM radio stations with it. You can store up to 100 FM stations. It includes 4″ full-range driver for satellites and 6.5″ bass driver for subwoofer.

If you are looking for a best bass home theater under 5000 which should be a 2.1 variant then this sound system is highly recommended for you.

3. Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF

Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Zebronics
  • Model – ZEB-BT6590RUCF
  • Output Power – 65 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 5.1
  • Connector Type – USB

With the Zebronics ZEB-BT6590RUCF at home, you never want to leave the house. You will experience films and series like you have never done before. The sound is of excellent quality and gets more depth.

By choosing the 5.1 home theater system from Zebronics, you are certainly choosing a durable device at an affordable price.

This system comes with LED display and FM radio. It also contains a remote control so that you can change the track, increase or decrease the volume while sitting on the sofa.

If you are looking for the best home theater under 5000 which should be a 5.1 variant then this home theater system from zebronics is for you.

4. Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210

Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Infinity (JBL)
  • Model – Hardrock 210
  • Output Power – 100 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 2.1
  • Connector Type – Wireless, USB, AUX, Bluetooth

This Infinity (JBL) Hardrock 210 does what you would expect from a home theater system. It produces powerful thumping bass with crystal clear sound. It gives you the real home theater feeling.

It contains 3.5″ Full range driver for satellites and 6.5″ bass driver for subwoofer. You can also play music separately on the speakers as the Bluetooth connectivity is inbuilt with the system.

It has three equaliser modes for Movies, Music and Gaming. Also, it comes with an IR multifunction remote. You can connect it to your tv through an aux cable.

If you are looking for the best wireless home theater then you can go for this as it has Bluetooth connectivity.

5. Zebronics BT4440RUCF

Zebronics BT4440RUCF

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Zebronics
  • Model – BT4440RUCF
  • Output Power – 60 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 4.1
  • Connector Type – USB

This product is compact and very elegantly designed. This will make it blend in with your interior. It doesn’t matter whether you have a modern or classic interior, this set will look great in your living room and bring the experience of music, films and series to a higher level.

It also has a LED display. You can enjoy your favourite track through Bluetooth, SD card reader or through an aux cable.

If you are looking for a home theater system that will not cost more but of good quality and long-lasting then this system is for you.

6. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94

Philips IN-MMS6080B/94

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Philips
  • Model – IN-MMS6080B/94
  • Output Power – 60 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 2.1
  • Connector Type – USB

Installing this system is very easy. In addition, it is user-friendly. This will allow all members of the family to use it. This makes it fit into any interior.

This system has 2 powerful speakers and a subwoofer. Also, you can easily operate the home theater system by using the remote control. It supports multi-connection like Bluetooth, USB, SD card, MMC, AUX.

The sound of this home theater system is very clear, even at a higher volume. If you are looking for a home theater system for gaming then this product is for you. The output power of the subwoofer is 30 watt. And the output power of both the speaker is 15 watt each.

7. Zebronics BT6860RUCF

Zebronics BT6860RUCF

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Zebronics
  • Model – BT6860RUCF
  • Output Power – 60 Watts
  • Channel Configuration – 5.1
  • Connector Type – Wired

This is a complete set that includes five speakers and a powerful subwoofer. This way you can be sure that everything is perfectly coordinated and you can enjoy the ultimate sound experience at home. It has sleek and premium look.

It also includes in-built FM and a fully functional remote control. The total output power of the system is 70 watt.

You no longer have to leave the house to see and feel your favourite movie. If you are looking for the best home theater under 5000 then this product is for you.

Best Home Theater Under 5000 in India – Buying Guide

Best Home Theater Under 5000 in India

A home theater system usually consists of a receiver with a set of speakers, where you can connect various devices to the receiver.

When you go to the cinema hall, it is usually because of the sound system you experience a movie much more intensely than at home.

Nowadays there are televisions almost the size of a cinema screen. The quality is also a lot better.

With the trend of increasingly thinner televisions, there is less and less space to install the parts. As a customer, you have to look for an external upgrade of your sound.

Different variants of Home Theater System

Home theater systems are available in different variants. More speakers will undoubtedly ensure that the sound comes closer to reality, but this also takes up a lot of space. Also, you have to increase your budget for that. If you have a small living room, it is not necessary to install eight speakers.

A 2.1 home theater system has 2 speakers and a subwoofer.

A 5.1 home theater system is usually cheaper than a 9.1 system. This configuration consists of six channels. Five of these are standard speakers and the sixth is a subwoofer.

The 5.1 installation provides a beautiful, full and realistic sound around the viewer, without a very complicated installation.

There are three speakers for the front, two for the back and one as a subwoofer. In this way, you will experience surround sound from the home theater system.

A 7.1 home theater system has 6 speakers and a subwoofer. Obviously The more speakers, the better the experience with a movie or series.

How can you save on a home theater system

Home theater systems are usually not a small investment, especially if you want a good quality product with a pleasant and well-coordinated surround sound.

If you don’t have that much to spend or you simply don’t want to spend that much money, there are options to save money when buying a home theater system.

For example, it is an option to purchase a second-hand home theater system. The advantage of buying a second-hand system is that you can buy a system of high quality, but do not have to pay the regular price for it.

Things to consider before buying a Home Theater System

Before buying a home theater system, it is very important to know all the most important aspects of this. Below we have listed the main aspects for you to help you with your purchase.

AV receiver

An AV receiver simultaneously captures audio and video signals from different sources.

The receiver then processes these signals and transmits them to the speakers and screen. So that everything is neatly synchronized.

You need an AV receiver for surround sound, not a standard stereo receiver because the receiver has to process more than two channels.



An HDMI connection is available in many home theaters. It should be your first choice if you are looking for superior audio quality. These cables transmit both sound and images and almost all modern devices have them.

Also, you can look for options such as USB ports. This allows you to enjoy videos and photos or other types of files from other sources. Also if it has a Bluetooth connection it will allow you to play music from your mobile or tablet.

Some brands offer apps that allow you to operate the system via your smartphone.



A power of 50 W is more than enough for medium and small rooms. If you are going to install the home theater system in a large room then it is better to choose a home theater which has 100 W or more power.

The total power is divided by the number of speakers. So if you have a power of 100 watts and five speakers, the power per speaker is 20 watts.

Benefits of Home Theater

If you are wondering whether buying a home theater is worth or not. If you love movies or web series then you can bring your listening experience to the next level with a sound system.

With the speakers and subwoofer, you can reproduce the low, medium and high tones much better than built-in speakers.


Installation process can be a little bit challenging but by following the user manual you can install it easily.

Types of Speaker in a Home Theater System

The best wireless or wired home theater can have up to four different speaker types. Each type can have one or more speakers. It depends if the system is 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1.

Here are the types of speakers a home theater contains; front speakers, centre speakers, surround side speakers and surround back speakers.

Front speakers: These are the base of the speaker system. They are placed to the right and left of the TV screen. To get the best sound experience, they need to be aimed at the viewer.

Center speakers: These are usually placed behind the television or computer. They provide intensity and power to the main sound channels of a movie.

Surround side speakers: These are installed to the right and left of the primary listening position. They do not have to be of exceptional quality, as they are intended to reproduce certain sound effects.

Surround back speakers: The ideal location is on either side of the viewer. They focus on reproducing the same rear channel of audio.



A subwoofer is a device that adjusts the bass. You can get it in various variants with your home theater system. In some models the subwoofer is inbuilt. This is ideal if you are looking for a compact system. It looks neat and you don’t need much space.

There is also the option for a subwoofer with cable. The disadvantage is that you are limited in the flexibility to place it. With a wireless variant, you will not be bothered by this.

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Wireless or wired speakers: Wireless speakers are not exactly wired. They still need to be charged. They can also be desynchronized. To be honest wired speakers are still the best option mainly because they are much more reliable.

However, if you have a basic TV, it may not be worth buying a wireless home theater. You can also use the option of using a projector instead of a TV. If you have enough wall space and the room is large, the visual and listening experience can become incredible.

Best Home Theater Under 5000 in India – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a home theater system?

Home theater is a device designed for the generation of superior sound. It aims to improve the experience while watching movies, series or television programs.

How to connect home theater system to a TV?

You can connect it easily through USB or aux cable or some variants comes with wireless connectivity.

How to install a Home theater system?

The first thing to consider when installing home theaters is the size of the speakers and subwoofer. Make sure they easily fit in the room where you plan to install them. Once you own the product, divide the speakers according to your own choice.


All the above products mentioned above listed after extensive research. You can choose any of the above product if you are looking for a best home theater system under 5000.

From the above list which one you liked the most. Let us know in the comment section below.

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