10 Best Wireless Headphones Under 3000 in India (2022)

The wireless headphones are popular nowadays because you can move the way you want, without being limited by an often too short cable. You also do not suffer from a cable that gets tangled.

If you have started researching wireless headphones, you will have already discovered that there are quite a few types and models available.

Headphones are often used to play music, also to make a phone call. The advantage is that both ears are completely covered, so you can easily use it in a busy environment with a lot of noise.

In addition, with wireless headphones, some manufacturers install a microphone, so that you can easily make calls or video chat with others. If you would like to have this as a function then go for a model that comes with a built-in microphone.

Here are The Best Wireless Headphones Under 3000 in india

Wirelss HeadphoneAverage Battery LifeWeight
1. Philips SHB3175BK12 Hours191g
2. boAt Rockerz 51010 Hours231g
3. JBL T460BT11 Hours299g
4. Infinity (JBL) Glide 50020 Hours104g
5. Mivi Saxo17 Hours340g
6. SONY WH-CH51035 Hours132g
7. Philips UpBeat TAUH202BK15 Hours195g
8. Procus Urban High Bass10+ Hours299g
9. Skullcandy Uproar 10 Hours200g
10. Philips SHB3075BL12 Hours141g

1. Philips SHB3175BK

Best Wireless Headphones Under 3000

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Philips
  • Model – SHB3175BK
  • Weight – 191g
  • Battery Average Life – 12 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

This Philips SHB3175BK has 40mm Neodymium speakers so that you can have a seamless experience while listening to your favourite music. With Bluetooth 4.0 you have freedom of movement up to 10 meters.

The headphone has large shells that completely cover your ears. You can easily use the controls on the shells to Control calls, music and volume.

With the built-in microphone, you can also easily make calls in addition to streaming music. The sensitivity of this wireless headphone is 104dB. And the frequency range is 8 – 21,500 Hz.

2. boAt Rockerz 510

boAt Rockerz 510

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – boAt
  • Model – rockerz-510
  • Weight – 231 g
  • Battery Average Life – 10 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

You will feel extremely comfortable while listening to music on this wireless headphone because it has ear pads made of faux leather which is pleasurable to wear. The headphone also looks stylish.

You can easily connect the headphones via Bluetooth or through an aux cable. The average battery life of this headphone after a full charge is 10 hours.

Due to the use of aluminium, the headphones are a little bit heavy, it weighs 231 grams. It is suitable for gaming purpose also. If you are looking for the best headphones under 3000 for gaming this headphone is for you.

3. JBL T460BT


Key Highlights:

  • Brand – JBL
  • Model – T460BT
  • Weight – 299 g
  • Battery Average Life – 11 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

You can fold this JBL headphone when not in use. The headphone is comfortable to use because of the cushions provided in the ear cups. Also, you can control volume and respond to a call with the buttons near to earcup.

It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The average battery life of this headphone is 11 hours. Average standby battery life also 11 hours. This headphone is a little bit heavy. It weighs 299 gram.

4. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Infinity (JBL)
  • Model – Glide 500
  • Weight – 104 g
  • Battery Average Life – 20 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

The infinity Glide 500 is stylish and has excellent sound quality. The wearing comfort of this headphone is excellent. The pods are made of soft material.

The headphone is lightweight. it weighs just 104 grams. It has Dual Equaliser Modes which provides you Normal & Deep Bass Output while listening to music. And with the 32 mm drivers, it provides a wonderful sound reproduction.

The average battery life of this headphone is 20 hours which is huge. Also, it can be flat foldable when not in use. It also has voice assistant integration which is a great thing to consider.

5. Mivi Saxo

Mivi Saxo

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Mivi
  • Model – Saxo
  • Weight – 340 g
  • Battery Average Life – 17 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium-Ion

The battery cell composition of this Mivi Saxo wireless headphone is lithium-ion through which you can listen to music up to 17 hours without any hassle. The wearing comfort is also great.

The headphone is wireless so that you have to connect Bluetooth to listen to music also you can connect it through an aux cable when you are running out of battery and not in a situation to charge it. Wireless range of this headphone is 30 feet.

If you are looking for the best wireless headphones under 3000 then this Mivi Saxo is a great deal for you.

6. SONY WH-CH510


Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Sony
  • Model – WHCH510/B
  • Weight – 132 g
  • Battery Average Life – 35 hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

With the Sony WH-CH510 over-ear headphones you can listen to your favourite music for up to 35 hours with a single time full charge.

Connect your smartphone to these on-ear headphones via Bluetooth and easily stream your favourite tracks. Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. The sound quality and comfort of this headphone are awesome.

If you are looking for the best wireless headphones under 3000 then this is also a great deal for you.

7. Philips UpBeat TAUH202BK

Philips UpBeat TAUH202BK

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Philips
  • Model – UH202
  • Weight – 195g
  • Battery Average Life – 15 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

This on-ear headphone from Philips named as Philips upbeat comes with soft ear cups. Also, you can change the angle of the ear cups for maximum comfort.

After being charged, the battery lasts up to 15 hours. So you don’t have to charge it every time. It takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. Charging cable also included with this product. This headphone weighs 195 gram.

8. Procus Urban High Bass

Procus Urban High Bass

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – PROCUS
  • Model – Procus Urban
  • Weight – 299 g
  • Battery Average Life – 10+ hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium-Ion

The Procus Urban High Bass is coated with rubber for extra comfort. You can fold it easily to carry along. Also you will get a extra pair of washable ear pads which is great things to consider.

Average battery life of this headphone is 10 hours. Weight of the item is 299 gram which is a little bit heavy. If you are not listening to music for a long time. This headphone is suitable for you.

9. Skullcandy Uproar 

Skullcandy Uproar

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Skullcandy
  • Model – S5URHW-457
  • Weight – 200 g
  • Battery Average Life – 10 hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

The Skullcandy Uproar headphone uses Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to your smart devices. The built-in battery lasts 10 hours, so you can enjoy your favourite music all day long! Wireless range of this headphone is 33 feet.

Battery cell composition of this headphone is Lithium Polymer. The ear pillows feel extremely comfortable even you are watching a movie or listening to music for a long time.

10. Philips SHB3075BL

Philips SHB3075BL

Key Highlights:

  • Brand – Philips
  • Model – SHB3075BL BASS+
  • Weight – 141 g
  • Battery Average Life – 12 Hours
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer

The Philips SHB3075BL with the large battery provides 12 hours of wireless listening pleasure and with a weight of just 141 grams. These headphones are really lightweight.

The beautiful Over-Ear headphones have an ergonomic design that is comfortable even after lengthy use. it is equipped with a microphone, so you can easily receive incoming calls without having to pick up your phone.

Best Wireless Headphones Under 3000 – Buying Guide

Best Wireless Headphones Under 3000

Types of Headphones


With on-ear headphones, the earpad falls on the ear, rather than over it. This allows the noise to be partially transmitted so that you stay informed about what is happening around you.


Over-ear headphones fall over your ears. This way you are completely closed off from the outside world and you are less disturbed by noisy sounds. Especially in winter, these over-ear wireless headphones work like a ear warmer with sound.

On ear or Over ear

Generally, over-ear headphones sound best, but that does not mean that you experience the music best. If you often listen to music in a noisy environment or in public, closed headphones are a better choice.

In addition, there is an essential difference in the functionality of wireless headphones, because you have the in-ear variant, the on-ear variant, and the over-ear variant.

It just depends on what you want to use your headphones wireless for, if you use your headphones a lot during exercise, it is better to go for in-ear variant because the headband stays in place during movement.

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Properties of headphones

The size, type and technology of headphones are important factors when purchasing headphones. But it is also important to understand all the features and specific terms related to headphones. Below we have mentioned some things to consider before buying a headphone.


Unlike most electronics, headphones are not going to outdated within a year. In reality, good headphones can last up to ten years but make sure that the headphones you are going to buy are of good quality.

As you are already looking for a best wireless headphones under 3000. Durability of headphones in this range will be great. So you no need to worry about it.


Judging sound quality is always subjective, but the only way to judge the comfort of headphones is putting them on and listening for 10 minutes. Do the earpads press too hard on your ears? Headphones that cover or enclose your ears can cause your ears to feel uncomfortably warm, but you will need to wear it before experiencing this.

The ear is most likely to be overheated on some of the larger closed models with soft leather earpads. Professional headphones are large in size and can feel uncomfortably heavy after several hours of use. Lighter headband headphones are always more comfortable than the heavier models.

Battery life

Do you need a headphone for a long time or do you use them daily? Then choose the variant that includes a comparably large battery. So that you can enjoy your favourite music for a long time. There are also headphones that have a fast-charging capacity, so you can charge within fifteen minutes.

In a best wireless headphones under 3000 battery life will be long lasting so that you will not have to run for a charger frequently.

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Noise Canceling

Noise Canceling

Noise-canceling is a technology that ensures that you are less disturbed by ambient noise while listening to music. In a noisy train compartment or in an airplane or in a busy office you hear a lot of noise and that does not improve the listening satisfaction.

Many people turn up the volume extra loud, but that is bad for your hearing. This is not required with noise reduction: in a noise-cancelling headphone, the sounds from outside are reduced so that you can listen to your favourite music at a normal volume.

Noise cancelling will be great in a best wireless headphones under 3000.

Active Noise Canceling

Active Noise Canceling is a feature that some headphones have to redress for outside noise. This means that the headphones create back noise, which ensures that you can listen to your music in silence.


With several wireless headphones, you will get a separate android or ios application from the manufacturer. With this application, you can adjust sound and you can view your battery consumption also you can adjust noise cancelling.

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How does noise canceling works?

Headphones are equipped with active noise cancelling have a built-in microphone that detects ambient noise. With some headphones, it is on the outside of the head pad so that it can detect all ambient noise from outside.

on some other models, it is inside. It measures the sound that passes into the inside of the head pad. This way the noisy sound can be detected even more accurately. The disturbing noise is then filtered very accurately so that you can hardly hear it anymore.

Frequency range

Frequency range

The frequency range indicates which sound frequencies headphones can reproduce. The low frequencies provide the low tones and the high frequencies provide the high tones. Human hearing ranges between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz and most of the headphones are equipped with this frequency range.

Expensive headphones usually have a wider range. You may not hear those frequencies directly, but they affect the overall sound quality.

Some manufacturers indicate at the frequency range how large the maximum deviation is over the frequency range, which can be recognized by “+/- 1 dB”. The smaller this number, the more precise the frequency range of the headphones.


Impedance is also known as resistance and it is expressed in ohms. The higher the Ohm count, the greater the load on the device your headphones are paired with. It is important that the impedance of a headphone matches your playing device.

For example, a smartphone or an MP3 player can handle an impedance up to 60 ohms, but if the resistance is higher, your smartphone will not be able to handle the power and you will only hear a soft sound.

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Sensitivity (SPL)

The sensitivity of headphones, also known as Sound Pressure Level (SPL), is expressed in decibels. The higher the number of decibels, the more sound the headphones can produce.

So, headphones with a high SPL make more sound than headphones with a lower SPL connected to the same device.

Advantages of wireless headphone

When you opt for wireless headphones, you will benefit from extra freedom of movement. Simply connect to your playback device via Bluetooth and then enjoy your favourite music without wires.

Disadvantages of wireless headphone

Because wireless headphones do not receive power from your device, they are equipped with a rechargeable battery. So keep in mind that it needs to be charged once in a while. The average battery life of a wireless headphone varies from 3 hours to 30 hr depending on the model.

Wireless headphones are very popular nowadays. Just look around you on the bus, train or in the gym, you see more and more people with headphones on their heads.

This is not surprising, because with wireless headphones you will no longer be bothered by that annoying long cord. Full freedom of movement, no more getting caught behind and no more cord to tangle.

Where you will use wireless headphone


If you are planning to use the wireless headphones during exercise, pay attention to the models that are waterproof or sweat resistant. The other models cannot withstand water well and so it can happen that the headphones may stop working.

A lot of models also have an activity tracker. This is useful if you want to take your activities to the next level. The headphones collect data from your workout.

The data contains your heart rate, the distance or your calorie burn. Headphones that have an extensive activity tracker also provide advice on your progress.

Business use

If you are thinking to use the wireless headphones for business purposes, we recommend choosing a variant that has a built-in microphone. This way you can easily answer your phone calls using your headphones.

If you have another device for business and private use then go for the headphones that support the multi-device pairing. This feature allows you to connect multiple phones to your headphones.

If you spend a lot of time travelling for work, it is better to buy headphones that contain noise cancelling. This assures that you do not suffer from other travellers or other outside noise. This way you can fully focus on your phone call or your favourite track.

Listen to your ears

Don’t just look at the specifications of the products. Listen to your ears and what you like to sound, because taste plays a major role, especially in the higher segment! Whether headphones have more or less frequency range.

Pay attention to traffic if you are using wireless headphones. Due to the ambient sounds, this can easily lead to dangerous situations because you do not hear anything at all.

If you participate in traffic, we also recommend that you check whether you can still hear certain warning signals. If you put your wireless headphones too hard, also there is a risk of permanent hearing damage, it is, therefore, advisable to always use your wireless headphones safely, never turn it too loud for long periods.


If you have undergone the full list of article you are quite aware of the Best Wireless Headphones Under 3000 in India. After a countless hour of research, we have listed the above products to the article. Without any, you can go through any of the product as per your requirements mentioned above.

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